"We manage the whole layout, design selection, purchasing and construction process from start to finish.  The benefit of this approach is that we are orchestrating an entire team of experts behind the scenes to make your vision happen with very little effort on your part. We need you for decisions and we do the rest. Our in-house interior design and construction teams are wholly focused on your project while we are working with you.  We've eliminated the frustration of doing a remodel where your house sits still with no progress.  We will be there working every day all day until the work is complete."

- Jennifer DesJardin, Principal


Before you purchase a single item, we guide you through a tested process. We have a step by step approach that creates beautiful and functional results.


Our professional guidance helps you determine the best realistic budget for your goals. The budget becomes a guideline as we make selections to ensure we select appropriate design elements to fit within your budget.


Does your space reflect who you are?

We will create a style that captures your personality or business -- one that is unique to your project.  In  addition to uncovering style and color preferences, our discovery process helps us to understand your needs and lifestyle. We combine elements to create a cohesive bespoke solution.


Our high standards will be translated into your rooms. Strong communication keeps you apprised of our progress and next steps


Good design accomplishes more than aesthetics. 

  • It improves how you feel by reducing stress
  • It creates order, making your environment more organized
  • It will energize you - colors you like can excite you
  • It helps you relax - colors you like can help you unwind
  • It helps nurture your soul - beauty is good for you
  • it helps you live the lifestyle you have always wanted to live

If you can't see the potential in your environment, our firm is here to help you discover it.  You know you want a beautiful place to live. Figuring out how to get the results you want is the tricky part. Our expertise can you guide you to the best way to invest in your spaces for the best possible outcome, while avoiding costly mistakes. We have a unique process designed to make it fun and easy for you. Achieving beautiful interiors is our specialty. Whether your project is a full remodel, a multi-family lobby, a model home or a corporate interior, our expertise will help you create and realize your vision. 

We have over 200 lines of designer fabrics, furniture, accessories, lighting, artwork, tile, wallpaper, hardwood, cabinets, mirrors, and counter tops. We share our trade discount with you if you work with us and offer turnkey services for clients who don't want the hassle of searching the city or internet for design elements.