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Littleton Kitchen Remodel

MOTIF Design Solutions, LLC has been serving the Denver Metro area since 2008 with luxury interior design and remodeling services for the discerning client. With decades of accumulated experience, our in-house design and construction team will transform your space to reflect a unique, comfortable, and beautiful setting for your home or office. We handle the details, the construction schedule, and the remodel timeline – you simply make the design decisions along the way!


Reflect on a time when you've walked into a home or restaurant and immediately felt comfortable and at ease. Was there both functionality and beauty in the décor? Smoothness in the layout or flow? Subconsciously, our mind recognizes it and our mood was elevated. In fact, it's scientifically proven – a well designed environment improves our overall well-being!

MOTIF's philosophy and design work is based on this knowledge and understanding. We want our clients to have the best lives possible and seek to understand what uniquely inspires each of them. Our interior design professionals study the architecture of a home and create a compatible interior. Our goal is to uncover who our clients ornately are and then translate their personality, style, and history into their spaces in a carefully orchestrated manner using proven design principles. 


Excellence pervades the work of both our interior design and in-house construction teams, and it most notably shows up in the execution. Timelines and budgets are always client-approved from the beginning, and we show up every weekday until the project is complete. Our job sites never sit idle with no progress –NOT EVER. Once construction is underway, the MOTIF team is solely focused on your project vs. juggling multiple projects or job locations at once. We provide a high touch, high quality, great customer service experience and make your remodel as efficient and seamless as possible.


We strive to make a positive impact on how a client lives their day-to-day life. We want our work to cause our clients to have a heightened level of interior design because they have worked with us. If we can do that well, we have succeeded.